Will Xamarin 15.2.2 roll out this weekend, and will it fix SDK-style csproj?


Still failing with the same error after the 15.2.2 rollout :cry:



Did you try with .Net Core installed?



I did but the package is broken. Reported it here.

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Thank you! I sent a PR there too.

One note: I’d suggest you to share the whole step log (from the step’s header to its footer), not just the last line, it helps a lot.

Last thing: you can also use a Script step and install .Net Core yourself, e.g. by copying the content of the installer step (https://github.com/stefandevo/bitrise-dotnetcore-step/blob/master/step.sh), or fork the step and fix the issue yourself, and use your fork instead of the main step repo (docs: http://devcenter.bitrise.io/bitrise-cli/steps/#special-step-sources)



OK, I’ve fixed and PR’d the .NET core install step here.

However, even with .NET core installed, my build still fails with the same problem :frowning:

I have a colleague who has 15.2 installed (which I have thus far avoided). I’m getting him to upgrade his Mac to 15.2.2 as we speak. Once upgraded, I’ll get him to try building my project using Xamarin Studio (he doesn’t have VS4Mac installed yet). If that fails, I will get him to install VS4Mac and try again.

Should be able to report back by end of day…

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Please do, would love to hear the results! :wink:

P.S.: the Xamarin 15.2.2 update was rolled out during the weekend (Weekly Virtual Machine / Stack updates - 2017.05.27)



Update: colleague having some issues with getting VS4M installed because his VM image is too small. Will report back once sorted.

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One more question: for what do you need the new project ref style? Could that be converted (temporarily) back to the older version? Or is there a specific reason why you need can’t? (Just curious)



Because it’s the new way of doing things. Far less friction with merge conflicts when working in teams for example. And far easier to do multitargeting.

All this netstandard+csproj work is something I’ve done in a separate branch to our mainline, so it’s not like I need to migrate back - it’s more that I need Bitrise to be able to build it before I can merge. We need to get it merged ASAP to move forward because we’re running into a lot of issues consuming third party netstandard dependencies. And since we rely on Xamarin.Forms, which itself is moving to netstandard in the next release, I’m concerned about that too.



Sure, I definitely understand you, was just curious.

If we can help with anything just let us know, in general:

  • right now we have stacks with Xamarin Studio preinstalled; if your project works in Xam Studio it should work there too, no customizations at all, it’s just installed on MacOS using the standard Xam Studio installer
  • we’ll soon provide VS for Mac stacks (same thing, we always use the official installers, no customization, if it works with a clean install of the tool it should on bitrise.io too as it’s installed the exact same way), but that will take at least a couple of weeks to make it available for use on bitrise.io

Did you try this (lastest Xam Studio)?



Yes, tried with latest XS and it didn’t work because XS doesn’t support the new project format. It’s all in VS4M now. He ran into issues getting it installed, but it’s up now so gonna take a look to see how far we get today.



OK, good news!

With VS4M and the .NET core tooling installed, I can build my netstandard + new csproj projects on the Mac.

Is there an issue I can keep an eye on to know when VS4Mac will be available in Bitrise images?

Thanks Viktor.

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I’d say the best would be to create a #feature-request, just for tracking purposes - if you create one you’ll be auto notified when we reply there with an update.



@ch_kent I’ll vote on that feature request, I’ve been fighting trying to get Humanizer resource assemblies into our Xamarin.iOS app, which works great with VS4Mac, since it uses MSBuild.



Did you try to build it in Xamarin Studio with MSBuild? There’s an option in Xamarin Studio preferences to use msbuild instead of xbuild.

Asking because we’ll add this option to the xamarin steps this week, so that you’ll be able to choose whether you want to build with msbuild or xbuild, but the stacks will have Xamarin Studio and not VS for Mac for now.



Yes, having Xamarin Studio use msbuild works as well. Adding msbuild as an option with Xamarin Studio will be great for us. Thank you Viktor!

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xamarin-archive 1.4.1 was just released, and the new version now has a tool option where you can set msbuild: https://github.com/bitrise-steplib/steps-xamarin-archive/releases/tag/1.4.1

P.S.: due to caching on bitrise.io it might take some time for the new version to show up. If you use the local workflow editor or set the version in bitrise.yml directly, 1.4.1 is available now. On the website it should be available in ~10-30 mins; if you’d still not see it after that, please reload the page/editor a couple of times to refresh the browser’s cache.



Sorry I dropped off this thread - I had personal stuff come up.

I’ll look at using MSBuild from XS too, though I use FAKE to run my build, so not sure yet of the exact process yet.



If we can help with anything just let us know @ch_kent! :wink:



I plan on getting to this tomorrow, so I’ve just been digging into the Go code trying to figure out what it actually means to invoke MSBuild versus xBuild. I don’t know Go, so am struggling a bit. I found this and this, which I believe are the heart of the matter. But I still can’t see the actual command it’s executing.

Is it just a case of executing an MSBuild executable instead of an xBuild executable? I’d check on my Mac, but I haven’t upgraded to latest Xamarin yet (and won’t be until probably next week).