Templated manual builds


Description of the feature request

Currently there are 2 variants to run the manual build: basic and advanced. Basic will run build with default “settings” and advanced will allow you to customize it and specify some environmental variables.

What is the problem?
Advanced build actually requires you to write both the variable key and it’s value by hand. So you should either remember or write down all things that you might want to change/add.

What is the solution?
Perfect solution will be to create some form of “Template” that will act just like Advanced Manual build view, but all environmental variable keys will be pre-defined and values will be not the text input, but the drop down selector.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

This will shine for building android apps that have many flavors/build types.
So you can just open this “Templated” build window, select desired build type (eg. release or debug) and select desired flavor (eg. demo, free, stage, full, etc). And then values you select will be translated to environmental variables that will be used for building your app.

I already saw solutions for running build for multiple flavors, but it requires creation of several workflows, what is not really efficient when you have 10+ flavors. (or building altogether, what is not efficient either)



Thank you for the feature request, we will check it out, and decide it’s fate! :upside_down_face:



@Ekalips I think this is the same or really similar to what I described at Build / Release templates - specify inputs the user have to provide before starting the build

Would you mind if I would merge this into that #feature-request as that has more votes?



@viktorbenei Yeah, seems like they are pretty similar. Feel free to merge them

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