Problem uploading tvOS app to iTunesConnect

Archiving works fine, but upon trying to upload, I get the following error using both Fastlane Deliver and Shenzhen:

ERROR ITMS-90545: "Invalid Provisioning Profile. This provisioning profile is not compatible with iOS apps.

I can archive and upload locally with no problems. I’ve used Bitrise’s profile exporter script to get the provisioning profiles and signing certificates needed. Anyone else having this issue?

This usually means that you signed the ipa with e.g. a development or ad-hoc signing, and not with AppStore signing.

You could archive it on bitrise too, that’s not where the build failed :wink:

If you need more info please send us the build log in email / through the onsite chat, or even better a link to the build.

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Thanks Viktor, I’ll follow up on chat.

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The answer is to add --platform appletvos to the options in the Deploy to iTunesConnect with Deliver step.

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Ahh, makes sense - thanks for reporting @jvallely!

Hey @jvallely! :wave:t2:

Thank you for the feedback, the new version of the step is just released and includes a new platform input!



Thanks @tamaspapik!