New stacks available

Hi there, here are some news :slight_smile:

[Update] - New set of Xcode stacks (Intel) has been released to free, public and public-throttled.

  • NodeJS v16.x
  • Fvm 2.3.1
  • Groovy added as a pre-installed tool. (Note here, change of java version needed from the default 11 to the 18 to make it work.)
  • Java version 18 available on the stacks (Java 11 still the default)

System reports:

Due to a pin error the latest java version installed (18) instead of the Java 17. This will be fixed in the upcoming release so the Java 18 is only temporary.
If the customer using the Java 17 and needing it please use a custom script step:

brew tap homebrew/cask-versions brew install temurin17 jenv global 17

Important: the Java 17 will be provided in the future builds.

Happy building :rocket: