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i have recently started using bitrise. A really great tool !

I can see it already has out of the box support for xamarin (Telerik product). It would be great if we can have nativescript (Again a telerik product) support along the way as well.

My project runs cross platform currently supporting iOS, Android (using nativescript), MAC, Linux and Windows (Using electron) and Just the web.

I am happy to chip in personally by using the existing bitrise API or if necessary creating a sample project like one existing for reactnative :

Looking forward to your response on how we can make this happen :slight_smile:

PS: I was suggested to create this post by victor .

Hi @digitalvibes,

Thanks for creating the Feature Requests! :wink:

Thank you and Welcome! :slight_smile:

So, in short, indeed we don’t have built in support for NativeScript right now, but all that means is that we don’t have a “scanner” which scans a repo and creates a good base config for you automatically.

You can build any kind of project on bitrise, it’s just that if we don’t have the scanners / specific steps then you’ll have to configure it yourself and most likely write a couple of scripts. But that’s all really, you can install and use any tool you want to during the build, e.g. using the Script step.

Related docs: Installing tools during a build - Bitrise Docs

Would be awesome, although I’d suggest you to just write a How To like this one: How to build Ionic 2 apps

P.S.: a quick correction: Xamarin is not a Telerik product, AFAIK Telerik only provides packages for Xamarin, but Xamarin was owned by Xamarin previously, and was recently acquired by Microsoft and is now a Microsoft product.

P.S.2: don’t forget to vote on your/this Feature Requests :wink:

Ohh, and of course if you’d have any questions just let us know here!

Once you have the scripts/config you can also write a #how-to here on (like the above mentioned one How to build Ionic 2 apps)

You can also transform your custom scripts into Build Steps if you want to, to be able to quickly share them between your projects (it’s now easier than ever to create a new step: Step create plugin - quickly generate a new step), and possibly also share it into the Bitrise StepLib so that others can also find an use it easily (and you can get a discount for the share/contribution too: Bitrise Contributors).

Thanks for your response @viktorbenei.

You are right there and apologies for the mistake on making Xamarin a “telerik product”. There are so many acquisitions happening now a days that its hard to keep track off ^_^. As even telerik is itself a product of progress which was acquired recently.

But coming to the core point again. I will look at those steps and get it working with custom scripts.

Do you know if there will be any way to have this natively available as i think it will immensely help me and others from re-inventing the wheel which bitrise already takes care off for you.

If you can show me the steps on extending the exisiting bitrise service or my team can do this as we are in a need for such a tool.

I would look forward to your reply.

Many Thanks,

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Sure, definitely! All of the related parts are open source, even the scanner, but in general I’d advise you to:

  1. Create the Steps
  2. Once that’s working contact us (just leave a comment below, here on and we’ll either point you to the “right direction”, or ask a couple of questions and add the related scanner ourself, based on your info (e.g. a How To).

You can of course do everything yourself, but adding a new core scanner requires thorough testing and maintenance planning. Not impossible and we’re happy to work with you once the steps and a required sample+guide is available, but we’re also happy to take over the “finishing touches” + maintenance if you don’t have the time.

In any case the first steps should be the creation of the Build Step(s), and a guide / sample config which demonstrates how those steps can be used (e.g. where those go, what are the parameters / special things to consider).

Once those are available it’s quite simple to make it a “core supported” project, once maintenance plan etc. are also in place :slight_smile:

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