Managing production levels dynamically at scale

We have several hundred apps and we are currently managing their status (alpha, beta, production) through either including or not including triggers in our builds.

For example, a released client may have:

  • push_branch: release/*
    workflow: primary
  • push_branch: beta/*
    workflow: beta

Where a prospect may just have:

  • push_branch: beta/*
    workflow: beta

In a perfect world, I would like to manage these production levels in variables within BitRise and bring the YML to the repo for all apps. I’m also up for including a .csv with app_id and production_level in the repo as well.

How do others manage production levels dynamically at scale?

Hello there! Sorry for the long response time!

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information on how different users do their setups.

As far as I know the first method you wrote would work perfectly.
The env vars are stored in the yml file, so this should not be an issue.

And here is a guide on building from the repo with the yml there:

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