Make it easier to login with SAML

Description of the feature request

Our organisation started subscribing to the Velocity plan lately so I don’t know if this is already possible or not. I was wondering if I can use SAML login without having to type the organisation name manually.
For example, what if I can make a bookmark for the SAML login page with an organisation name pre-filled? Let’s say we can give the name by a query parameter and it’s automatically filled in the form field, like below. We can then bookmark it on a browser for the next login.

It would be a relatively easy change for a web page but not sure the solution is the most ideal. At least this works for me.

Other SSO pages would let customers type their email address first so that browsers or a password
manager extension can suggest the completion for the email stored and customers don’t really need to type every time by themselves.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

To make it easier to log in with SAML. My organisation’s name is relatively easy so not a big issue to type but some organisations might have a little complicated/long name to type manually. Making it possible to browser’s bookmark with organisation name pre-filled would be great for those customers.

To add more context, I’m using Bitrise for work and hobby so I have to switch different accounts. So SAML log-in is kind of a day-to-day task for me.