Is there a plugin to change the email format?

I get the emails: … Ready for install
Inside there is information regarding filename,size, build number.
I would like to add additional infomation such as the pull request source branch, title and description.
Is it possible?

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It’s not possible to change that built in email, but you can send your own, fully customizable emails with an email build step, e.g. the Send Email with Mailgun step.

Thank you.
Another question:
I would like to grab information about the build and use it in the mail.
For example: What triggered the build? specifically, the pull request which triggered the build.
Get the source branch and target branch and commits information.
Is there a build step for that?

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Sure you can get these information, related docs:

I’d suggest you to check the Insert variables option:

In the Workflow Editor on you can click into any input field of a Step and a green Insert Variable button will appear.

Click this button and you’ll get a full list of available Environment Variables. You can search in this list, and when you find the one you’re looking for just click it, and it’ll be inserted into the input field for you.

This is an interactive list, which includes Environment Variables generated by previous Steps! This means, that if you click into an input of the third Step of your Workflow, the list will include all the Environment Variables (outputs) generated by the first and second Steps, but not the ones which will be generated by the forth, fifth, … Steps.

Thank you. That was helpful!

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