iOS Critical alerts, not prompting for permission in the app.

Hello, we’re looking for some help regarding Critical Alerts feature.

We want to add this feature to an app built on ionic 4.9.0 and cordova 8.1.1

We are using a distribution profile with the critical alerts entitlement, which we have already downloaded and applied to the building process. In addition, we have also added the critical alerts entitlement to the [Project]-Release.plist file, we have the following log entry in the building process:



“” = 1;


The problem that we are facing is that even though we are already using the correct provisioning profile and entitlements to sign the app, we are not getting any popup message for the users to enable critical alerts on their devices.

We still don’t know what are we missing in order to get the popup and permissions prompt in the device.

Does anyone know what can be the problem? We can provide more information if needed.