iOS and Android stacks together

Hi all,

We have integration tests where we run iOS and Droid apps simultaneously. We perform some checks like chatting between apps and etc. I can run these tests on my local machine, but, as I understand, it’s possible to configure the environment only to one platform, e.g. iOS or Droid. Is it possible to run iOS and Droid tests on the same machine? Or do I need to setup two different projects for this?

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There are options for both.

  • The Xamarin stacks include both Xcode & Android SDK, but the updates are tied to Xamarin updates
  • You can definitely add the same repo multiple times, e.g. once for iOS and once for Android - that way you can have better control over e.g. the Xcode version you want to use, or utilize features which are only available on the Linux/Android stack like downloading the whole environment as a docker image (which is not possible to do with macOS, only with a Linux image)

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If you have any questions just let us know, or feel free to vote & comment on the #feature-request s!