Infinite build / hanging build issue, fastlane sh & envman

We don’t know any issues related to envman, it’s more likely how you run it from fastlane. But definitely worth a try to remove it, just to see if that solves the hang issue / to try to narrow down the code which causes the issue.

E.g. depending on how you specify (or not specify) the fastlane version for your project it might be that yesterday you used an older fastlane version and a newer one introduced a bug / regression.

Just checked your log and indeed you don’t specify any version for fastlane but you have the “update to latest” option enabled, meaning every build will try to use the latest fastlane version:

- UpdateFastlane: true

e[34;1mExpand WorkDire[0m
e[32;1mExpanded WorkDir: /Users/vagrant/gite[0m

e[34;1mDetermine desired Fastlane versione[0m
Checking Gemfile.lock (/Users/vagrant/git/Gemfile.lock) for fastlane gem
Gemfile.lock does not exist

e[34;1mUpdate system installed Fastlanee[0m
e[32;1m$ gem "install" "fastlane" "--no-document"e[0m
Successfully installed tty-screen-0.6.3
Successfully installed fastlane-2.68.0
2 gems installed

e[34;1mFastlane version:e[0m
e[32;1m$ fastlane "--version"e[0m
fastlane installation at path:
fastlane 2.68.0

If you want to specify the fastlane version please see this #how-to guide: How to use a specific version of fastlane?