How to set a step icon?

Hi bitrise team, maybe i have not found but how to set an icon in my step for the “step store”.
I did not find a param for that. Some steps appear with a generic icon and others with an official icon (like the slack step). Thanks for your help.

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Hi @kawaiseb,

To add an icon to the Step in the StepLib, simply send a new PR with adding an assets/icon.svg svg file into your step’s dir in steps/

An example:

If you’d have any questions just let us know! :slight_smile:

Ok thanks @viktorbenei :slight_smile: i’ll try that.
I imagine i need autorization to use a “twitter” icon by example ?

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Correct :slight_smile:

I’d suggest you to rather get a schematic version of the logo, or we can also schedule to create one (might take some time) :wink:

I add a svg icon in my assets directory… but the icon does not appear in the step blind. Maybe the steplib is not in production…

Adding it to your own step repo is not enough, as the icon right now is part of a Step Library, not the step itself. You have to send a PR into the steplib - see: How to set a step icon?

I think i understand… let’s go :wink:

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I made this PR : is that the good method ?

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Yep, seems :+1: :wink: We’ll check & merge it soon!

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