How do I get up to 90 mins build time on a Team plan instead of 45 mins?

Hi, I have a “Team” plan which, (until yesterday where it now seems to be replaced by a “Developer” plan?), used to show build time as 45/90 minutes.

I have some iOS UI Tests that are hitting the 43 min mark and I’m afraid they’ll go over really soon. Plus, that’s just one device, and I’d really rather test two.

Is it possible to get the 90 minute build times listed on the original Team plan? I emailed a couple of days ago, but I haven’t heard back…

Thanks in advance!

PS: I was really pleased with how easy it was to get iOS running. I had had good experiences with Android after leaving BuddyBuild and wanted to try iOS, as Buddy Build is definitely in a weird state right now with Apple saying nothing, and no announcements from the team or Apple.

Here is the answer: Pricing question - build time


Ah, so it is! I looked for ages for this, but didn’t find it. Ok, the TL;DR version is: “The more concurrencies purchased, the longer build time”. Or, for my scenario, probably best to just upgrade to the latest Org plan now that it has a base of 2 concurrencies with 90 minute builds.

Heck, it might be time to drop BuddyBuild completely and put all that money towards Bitrise. The iOS builds are almost 2x slower than BuddyBuild :frowning_face:, but we could have 3 concurrencies for the same (combined) money.

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