Fail fast between parent and child build

Description of the feature request

If a child build fails, the parent build fails immediately without waiting for the completion of its tasks

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Build 1
Start Build 2
|              \
Lint          Build 2
|               |
Wait         Unit Test
|              /
|            /
|          /
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If Unit Test fails after 1 sec I want Build 1 to fail without waiting the Linting to finish (because my build is overall already doomed…)

As well, it linting of build 1 fails after 1 sec I want the build 2 to fail without waiting for completion of its tasks.
It’s not a “default” behaviour for all child build but more of a “failfast” option of the “Bitrise Start Build”

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That’s a really great idea, thanks for the #feature-request @egirot!

I’m sure @tamaspapik will love this :wink: