Export UITest Artefacts not working in Xcode 11

The Export UITest Artifacts flag is no longer working on Xcode 11. This appears to be a known issue as it is called out in the description of the step in bitrise.

Are there plans to fix this or is there a viable work around?

Anyone know of any workarounds?

I’m also looking for a solution, it’s a lot harder to debug any issues now

If you need to get the attachments from the Xcode 11 xcresult, you might be able to use something like this:

- brew-install@0.9.0:
    - upgrade: 'no'
    - packages: ChargePoint/xcparse/xcparse
    title: Brew install xcparse
    is_always_run: true
- script@1.1.5:
    - content: |-
        #!/usr/bin/env bash

        # Extract Xcode 11 xcresult attachments

        xcparse attachments "$BITRISE_XCRESULT_PATH" ./attachments

        cp -a ./attachments/. $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR

        zip -r xcresult.zip $BITRISE_XCRESULT_PATH
        cp xcresult.zip $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR
    title: Extract attachments
    is_always_run: true

This would use the xcparse Swift command line tool my company created for extracting screenshots/attachments out of Xcode 11 xcresult (https://github.com/ChargePoint/xcparse). The README there has more info on all the options you could use. Have it on my to-do list next week to make a Bitrise step for it.


This is great! Thanks for this.

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