Dynamic receivers for build notification

Hello Bitrise Team,

I’ve come across a problem where I needed to target separate groups when a build is completed. If I want only several groups to be notified, currently I have to edit the testers list or manually provide the receivers in the Advanced Build section.

My suggestion is, what do you think about making the build receivers dynamic? For example, here’s how Fabric handles dynamic receiver:

Below the list of groups are a list of individual emails (which I cannot show for privacy reasons :slight_smile:), but the idea is, whenever I trigger builds, I can specify receivers like so:

Who should be notified for this build?

(Maybe groups only appear in the list if they have access as the App’s team.)


Definitely a great idea, thank you @dvdchr-tvlk!

I’ll migrate our discussion from the related #question-answer topic, as that can provide some workaround ideas as well as a great context for this feature.


I’ve read that it’s possible to notify user groups for the application – i.e. testers, admins, owners, and developers. I was wondering whether if it’s possible to specify Organization Groups instead, since that’s the group where we can create groups by ourselves.

For my use case, every QA holds responsibility to one feature. Therefore, when building feature branches for feature A, I don’t want to notify QA for feature B, C, and so on. This grouping is made possible via Organization Groups (e.g. Tester Feature A), etc.

Not possible right now, or to be more precise, when you specify the “app group” or “team” for notifications, that can include Org Groups too, but you can’t specify an Org group directly.

For example, if you add your “QA” org group to the app as “Testers”, then you can specify “testers” to be notified, but that will of course include everyone who’s a “tester” of the app, not just the “QA” org group.

If that’s not enough, feel free to create a #feature-request, I’m sure this would be useful for others too!

Hi Viktor,

Thanks for the explanation!

So, in my case, I have a need to separate build receivers – as we have different “parts” or “features” in our app. Take for an example, our app consists of 4 major features (A, B, C, D) – in which every feature have their own team (PMs, QAs, developers).

With how it works currently, whenever a build for feature A is completed, all stakeholders from A-D gets notified for the build. This leads to clutter in the email, etc., and I don’t think they will be happy. So I’ve thought of a way to separate this: by creating a different application for each feature. For example, currently I have one app: “My iOS App”. With the separation in place, I would have:

  • My iOS App (A)
  • My iOS App (B)
  • My iOS App ©
  • My iOS App (D)
  • My iOS App

And, in my Organization account, I create a more granular grouping (e.g. Testers for A, PM for A, and so on) and only include them in their contextual app. (for group A, they are included as a team in My iOS App (A)).

In essence, different apps are created only to have a different set of receivers and make the build notification more relevant to each stakeholders. What do you think about this separation? or, do you have better suggestions? :slight_smile:


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Sounds like a workaround which should work, but definitely more work than we’d like it to be.

Another feature you can utilize, although that requires some configuration too, is to use the “email list” option of the Deploy to Bitrise.io step, where you can specify exactly which emails should receive the notifications.

Neither is a great solution, more like a workaround which should work - a #feature-request would definitely be great for this, as you can provide enough information / context about the use case for the feature.

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