Disable build notifications via user profile toggle


I expect, similar to other services, that the Notification preferences allows controlling notifications. However, there’s no checkbox for globally disabling all build notifications on the profile notifications section.


Allow disabling of email notifications per user

Here’s an example from GitHub:

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Thanks for the #feature-request @bootstraponline! Definitely a good idea!

In the meantime, you can control whether you want to get notifications for a single app or not with the Watch/Unwatch button on the app’s bitrise.io page. Not the same of course, just wanted to mention in case someone is looking for an existing option in the meantime. The API will also help, just added this to the WIP list there.



is the solution we’re currently using. :slight_smile:

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That works too, if you don’t want to receive build notification emails for any of your apps :stuck_out_tongue:



Yes, that’s the use case here. One checkbox to globally disable all notifications for a user account. :smile:

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Being in an agency, this could be really useful for us as well

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What I would like is an option to make notifications opt-in for new projects. Working in an agency there are a lot of projects under our company account that I have no interest in and they clutter up my inbox until I can go and unwatch them (which I only realised I could at all do recently)



This is pretty critical to organizations, especially a way to disable watching/email notifications from the email. Getting a lot of complaints within my company from folks who need to have access to the builds but who don’t want to set up email rules & don’t seem to find anything in the email messages to unsubscribe themselves.



Hi @abotkin-cpi, that’s great point! We are working on this, we’ll make sure to update this thread once we can!



Still waiting for the feature :slight_smile:

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Also waiting for this feature. Bitrise sends our team way too many emails (every build). We’re not too invested in Bitrise. Jenkins would give us much better control over this.

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Waiting for this…
One more thing related to this:
I don’t mind receiving notifications related to project related to me. So I went to all projects of the organization and turned off “watching” individually. But when new project is added to the organization, it starts sending notifications. If you can add check box for “disable notification for new project” in user setting, that will be great…

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And still waiting for this… How long?