Delete/ remove build archive


Can we remove build archives? I am aware that build archives are stored indefinitely, but currently I have many archives that are invalid as a result of workflow testing. Is there anyway that we can remove such archives (or set an explicit expiry date for the archive) so the build archive is cleaner?

I understand the reasoning about keeping failed builds – maybe it’s caused by failing test, or something else and therefore it makes sense to keep the build in order to see where it fails. However the ones that I want to delete are the ones that are failing because of testing Bitrise workflows.


Hi @dvdchr-tvlk,

Not yet possible / there’s no feature for this right now, feel free to create a #feature-request for this!

There’s a semi related request already, but that’s only for Artifact public pages, not for builds / build logs:

A possible workaround right now is to save the app/project’s bitrise.yml, then register the app/repo again, and upload the previous Bitrise.yml