Custom template for App "Deploy to - Apps, Logs, Artifacts"

We want add commit message and branch name for sent email by workflow app “Deploy to - Apps, Logs, Artifacts”.
It is not possible for now, I think its good feature.

Hi @MeGaPk,

Thanks for the #feature-request!

Just a note: you can use a separate step for sending the emails, like the Send Email with Mailgun one. The related #question-answer :

Hello @viktorbenei,
Yes, i saw this plugin, but impossible send my team emails for this plugin.

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You’re right, you can’t use team/role groups there only full email list - good catch! Nevertheless it might still be a viable workaround for others until this feature is available, so I’ll leave it there :slight_smile:

@viktorbenei Maybe add new KEY, with email addresses by team? Or something that? For use in mailgun?

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Definitely a great idea @MeGaPk! We’ll consider this as a solution, although there might be certain restrictions which might prevent this option.

We’re working on Bitrise Public API - which might also provide a solution in the future (e.g. get the emails through the API in a Script or build step and expose as env var in the format you want to).

@viktorbenei Is there a way to add a switch to the Deploy to Bitrise step to add the commit message? That’s the biggest thing I think is missing, as users receiving have no idea what has changed from previous builds. I looked at extending the step, but I don’t see an email template in the repo, so that must be internal.


@LeviDahl it’s not possible just by changing the step, as the emails are send from the server. Please vote on this #feature-request and we’ll try to make this happen ASAP!

We also need the functionality that @LeviDahl has described. This may be a make or break feature that causes our team to go with another service provider.

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Thanks @frankpiva for the comment, and don’t forget to vote on this #feature-request!

You can already do this and include every info in the email you send, although requires some configuration, using the custom email step mentioned at Custom template for App "Deploy to - Apps, Logs, Artifacts"

I believe I voted before posting the comment. Did it not go though?

I don’t understand the link you shared. It seems to be self-referential. It just takes me back to the top of this thread.

It did, sorry, I probably just had to refresh the page :slight_smile:

A short example / template for turning off notifications in Deploy to step and instead using the Mailgun email step for sending a custom email, including the public install page, build URL and some git infos:

    - deploy-to-bitrise-io@1.2.9:
        - notify_user_groups: none
    - email-with-mailgun@2.1.0:
        - message: |
            App can be installed from: $BITRISE_PUBLIC_INSTALL_PAGE_URL

            Build's page: $BITRISE_BUILD_URL

            Git Infos:

            - Commit: $GIT_CLONE_COMMIT_HASH
            - Branch: $BITRISE_GIT_BRANCH

what emails will be used in your example?

In the example none; I tried to keep the “template” as short as possible, to highlight just the “notification replace” mechanism. You’ll still have to fill out the other required parameters of the email step, sorry for the confusion.

maybe add new ENV :)?
And possible easily use in mailgun or any services.

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I agree, but not sure how these should be exposed as ENV(s). I mean, should all group be in a single env? Or one env per group?

Personally I think this would be better to handle through the API: Bitrise Public API
Feel free to request an endpoint for this use case. With that it will be easy to write a script or a Step which can expose the emails you want (e.g. only the testers + devs groups’).