Create a new app via Bitrise CLI


Description of the feature request

I would like to automate the whole process of creating a new app: First it is cloned from a template repository, and then the whole build- and deployment pipeline is setup automatically. In order to achieve that, it’d be nice, if the Bitrise CLI allowed to create new apps in my Bitrise account.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

As a temporary workaround, cloning an existing app (and just change the repo url for example) would be good, too. See Clone existing app job


Bitrise Public API to create/manage apps

Thanks for your #feature-request @AndreasEK! We’ll forward it to the team, make sure to vote for it!



Are there any news regarding the CLI tool?



Hi @matthias.buchetics!

Unfortunately there isn’t any specific news I can provide but it’s heavily in the works, stay tuned!

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