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Hi guys,

Love the prospect of Auto Signing apps! So nice to have this! Problem I have is I use multiple Apple Developer accounts for various areas or customers. How can I add more than one and assign specific developer accounts to projects?



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Hi @joehanna,

Can’t you invite those into all the teams you want to use? Just curious; the current system expects that you can connect an Apple Dev Account which is included in all the Apple Dev Teams you want to use.

If that’s the case, that the connected Apple Dev Account is part of all the teams, then you can simply set the Team ID for the step ( -> Replace the Certificate and profile installer -> The Developer Portal team id).

Is that an issue? Would you need actual separate accounts / is there a use case where you can’t invite the Apple Dev Account into multiple Teams on Apple Dev Portal so you actually need separate accounts?



I do a lot of contract work - so I am the iOS dev for many companies. They always want me to publish their apps using their own developer accounts for marketing purposes. Therefore, I need to support multiple, unrelated, Apple Developer accounts.



@joehanna thanks for the feedback, definitely understandable!

For now please use separate accounts for these. You can just create a “machine/bot” account for these and invite that machine/bot user into the app. Then you can set for the app to use that machine/bot user’s Apple Dev Account (on the Team tab you can specify which user’s Apple Dev Account connection should be used).

If you have any questions just let us know! :slight_smile:



Alternatively, if possible, ask them to invite your Apple Dev Account into their Apple Dev Team. Multiple teams are fully supported on, just not separate apple dev accounts (but a single account which is in multiple apple dev teams is supported).



They are precious about their dev accounts, otherwise they would have invited my own account. They insist on using theirs.



Got it. Then I think the best would be to create Bitrise accounts for those apple dev accounts, as I mentioned :point_up: ( Connect multiple Apple Developer accounts )



Hi @viktorbenei,

Would like to join this discussion. Our company does a lot of different work, and in some cases the clients do not have a team/organisation account, but we still have to push to iTC using their credentials.

We have addressed this to some extent on the organisational level (during the initial project discussion etc by advising the clients appropriately and getting them to set up in an appropriate way for teams), however we have some “legacy” clients and a separate bitrise account isn’t really an option.

We have an organisation acct on Bitrise, is there something that we perhaps missed that allows this for an organisation?

Otherwise, this would be very nice to have in the future.



Thanks for the details @Alexei!

Only personal accounts’ Apple account connection can be used right now, but you can of course create a “machine/bot” bitrise account and set that on the Team tab to be the Connected Apple Developer Portal Account.

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Hi @viktorbenei,

as we have the same issue, I was just wondering, do you ever plan to add this feature for connecting multiple Apple Developer accounts on a single Bitrise account or we have to rely on multiple Bitrise accounts (as you suggested)?


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Hi @appculture-ios, of course this is something we’re considering, but not scheduled yet. Please vote on it to bump its priority!

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I know old thread but was wondering if multiple apple developer account support in single bitrise account is possible or closer yet?




Hi @pepper_dev! It’s still not an option sadly, for now please configure “machine” users for this method.



I cannot find any documentation on these “machine” users, could you please point me in the right direction or explain the process here?




There is no documentation, what I am referring to here is that you’d have to register Bitrise accounts for your separate Apple Developer Portal accounts, and and these Bitrise accounts to the Team of your app, so you can use those accounts as well!



To clarify, these would need to be paid accounts per apple developer account, in addition to our current account?



Well, as far as I know you need a paid Apple Developer Account to distribute anything, but I just mean to clarify how can you use multiple developer accounts without teammates to help you out here :slight_smile:



There is a limitation of 50 Developer Accounts a user can be invited to.

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Sorry was asking about needing paid accounts with bitrise for each apple developer account we want to distribute through?

The ideal scenario would be one bitrise account that distributes to different apple developer accounts based on the app’s bundle identifier.

Having to create a new bitrise account for every app is much more administrative work.



Hi @pepper_dev,

No! You don’t need to a paid Bitrise account to connect and/use an Apple Developer Portal account whatsoever.