Build iOS & Android apps on one trigger

I have project with React Native and it’s need to build project for iOS & Android.

“Simplest variant”: Using few different triggers… one per each OS… for the same task… doesn’t seems like reasonable.

I tried next variant:
Start on trigger workflow( e.g build_and_deploy_dev that have stack OS X ), that have steps before_run, that starts workflow ios_dev( stack OS X ) and after_run, that starts workflow android_dev( stack Linux LTS, because, in bitriseio’s OS X, can’t build android app… ).
All workflow starts good, but, android build crashes.
But[2], when android_dev triggered as a single & “basic” workflow, it works fine.

Any ideas, howto build some project on one trigger for 2 OS ?

Hi @asmirnov,

To trigger multiple separate builds for a single trigger event please vote on the related #feature-request : Parallel Builds: Seperate stacks for seperate workflows + trigger multiple workflows (builds) at the same time

You can also try the workaround described in our recent blog post:

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