Bitrise Contributors


Hi @Satheesh and @otusweb and everyone!

Really sorry about the delay. The thing is, we are in the midst of migrating to a brand new payment processor, and that makes it complicated of us to provide these coupons at this time being. That said we’re working hard on this and I will see to it that we get back to you with your coupons in the instant we are able to!

@ubuntudroid and @milosz - thanks for raising your questions. Unfortunately, the bonus is explicitly for step library contributions (- the same way it can not be applied to Organizations at the moment, it is a Developer plan coupon @Satheesh) that said, we are taking this opportunity with the migration to revise this contributor bonus and we’ll let you know the results :slight_smile:



will I get Bitrise Step contributor badge?



Hi there @Satheesh!

I’m happy to see your enthusiasm, and can promise that you will receive your contributor coupon as soon as they are available! :wink:

I’m not sure what badge you are referring to though, as there is no badge for contributing for a step. You can actually see all the possible badges you can acquire here: