Add ImageMagic to the Linux stack

As reported here
While all stacks have the mini_magick gem to manipulate ImageMagic native, only OSX based stacks have the actual ImageMagic binary installed, while Ubuntu based doesn’t.

That means we had do use different scripts for resizing assets for the Android and iOS app.
On iOS use ImageMagic binaries while for Android we added WebP converter binaries from Google and use WebP assets on the project.

So request: can we have ImageMagic on Linux build too?

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Sure, and thank you for the #feature-request!

Feel free to send us a PR as described here


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Please see my comment there @sb_ronaldopace :wink:

Also done. I’ve wrote “ImageMagick” on the report, because I guess “convert” is kind of generic and ImageMagic ppl know what it is.

Sent one last change request @sb_ronaldopace

Merged! :tada: Thanks again for the #feature-request and for the PR! :rocket:

P.S.: Release schedule: the change will be out in the next update of the Linux/Android stack, this weekend.

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