Add app: configured RN, no way to move forward

I was configuring an RN app, but get stuck configuring it.

This is the step I get to, and there’s no way to move forward:


This is as part of testing the move to the new React-Native build type; we currently have separate android and ios builds.

Throwing this attempt away and coming at it from another angle, ideally using the auto-detection this time – but this felt like something that merited a report.

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Hi @mrluc,
Thanks for reporting and sorry for the inconveniences .
We will fix the issue ASAP.

Did you tried to set app configs with the detected values?

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I had to do a bit of a dance, because there’s a bastion host, so we have a little repo there which we used to get cloning working, and then once the app’s set up, configure the git_ssh_command env var to proxy through the bastion to the real repo.

However, that didn’t work for testing out the RN detection, because the sample project we have sitting on the bastion isn’t RN, and there’s no way to configure the git ssh command in the “detect my app” step.

So I ended up putting an RN project on the bastion host, and that detected fine. This was sort of a spike to see about using the new RN build type – I don’t think it was clear to us that this was Xamarin, though, so we’ll probably keep doing separate android/ios builds.

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Thanks for reporting @mrluc ! We’ll think about how we could make this use case easier in the future :slight_smile:

Hi @mrluc,

I just want to update you that the issue is fixed and released and sorry for the inconveniences.

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