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Can't update YML bitrise wrapper config (3)
Selective Builds feature breaks manual build triggers (4)
Unable to add a step in workflow editor (windows google chrome) (3)
Unable to upload Provisioning profile and certificate on the Code Signing Tab (4)
Failed to start the Build (5)
Sometimes text is illegible in build log (4)
Status integrity between Outgoing Webhooks and Builds Status (8)
Internal API inconsistent (3)
Unable to add a step (12)
App View Page Unresponsive (6)
BitRise web client is messed up (2)
Website rendering issues (3)
Always redirecting me to register device page (12)
Bitrise hangs when loading iOS build logs (7)
Exact same workflow fails with PR event as opposed to push event/manual run (6)
Delete trigger doesn't work (10)
Cannot select stack per workflow (8)
Doesn't load my github repos (8)
Malformed contact URL in Privacy Policy and Terms (3)
Url of generic file storage (from code signing tab) is empty during build (again) (4)
Tag trigger for tags created via bitbuckets website (11)
Bad readability because of low contrast (4)
Certificate and profile installer doesn't download provisioning profile (2)
Unable to Upload Provisioning Profile (6)
Trigger input starting with * ignored (3)
Chat button overlaps other buttons (5)
Bitrise icon missing in Github PR checks (4)
The button "Delete" to remove a file from "GENERIC FILE STORAGE" does not work (3)
Build log controls overlaps with warning message (3)
Duplicated intercom icon (9)