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Dashboard shows no app has been added (2)
Favicon is a green square on Safari (2)
Impossible to change App Icon (3)
High CPU usage (6)
Code formatting broken on integration pages (3)
Unable to clear cache on new device (5)
API doc swagger page is empty (3)
Builds are no longer logging (6)
Infinite page load loop after sign up or log in on (8)
Apps are missing (2)
JS Syntax Error on the dashboard - Dashboard white screen / not loading (4)
Website is unusable on Safari ( 2 ) (39)
Workflow editor is covered by logs when opened from button on the top of the page (8)
Long organization name overlaps with > indicator (3)
Intercom chat is broken (9)
Setting BITRISE_GIT_MESSAGE from triggered build does not set it (8)
"Show more" on integration description does not show more text (4)
Status "on hold" is missleading in builds list (3)
Bogus "You are offline" warning header (6)
We're hiring bubble fade animation is inconsistent (3)
Step page is broken after going back from external link (5)
Markdown does not work on integration tiles (9)
Trigger build (4)
Orphaned "sec" in inconclusive VDT results (3)
Cannot see any Android options (3)
Large build numbers overlap commit hash (7)
Why is Bitrise not reporting build results on my GitHub pull requests? (8)
Github webhook not receiving build status (9)
Can't update YML bitrise wrapper config (3)