Feature Requests

Android: Virtual Device Testing on multiple modules (5)
Collect code coverage during virtual Android device testing (5)
Ignore merge commits in generate changelog step (2)
Preinstall gradle on the hybrid osx-vs4mac-stable stack (4)
Build-workflows API lists unaccessible worflows (5)
Artifacts: Make it possible to view HTML files with relative links (CSS etc. refs) ( 2 ) (27)
.NET Core 2.2 (2)
Add more options to Project Type Selector (2)
Multiple paths in a single variable for Cache: Push (1)
Add ability to disable "Build trigger failed" activity events (4)
Do not cancel builds on same branch if another workflow is triggered (12)
Add a stack for building ConnectIQ applications (for Garmin devices) (2)
Make person who triggered a manual build available in an ENV variable (6)
Allow disabling a step in the workflow (15)
Install app landing page non-generic app icon (3)
Add ability to sort / reorder workflows in the Workflow Editor (5)
Add a limited build tier (2)
Templated manual builds (5)
Carthage Step Fails If No Cartfile Found (2)
Build / Release templates - specify inputs the user have to provide before starting the build (9)
API for Outgoing Webhooks (5)
Workflow step release notes (2)
Allow a workflow to schedule another workflow (2)
Enforce 2fa (two factor authentication) within organisation (7)
Reflect app enabled/disabled status in apps list on the dashboard (2)
Android Instant App Deploy (2)
Build and Queue Timeline (3)
Disable build notifications via user profile toggle (8)
Use connected Apple Developer account in workflow steps (5)
Branch name suggestion feature (4)